Judy Boyt

I have lived in Easterton Sands for over 28 years now and can’t think of a better place to be ensconced.  I am a professional sculptor and have had major commissions with corporate and private clients, both abroad and here in UK.  Born on my parents’ farm in Pembrokeshire, I went to school in Oxford and gained a BA Hons. in Ceramics and 3D Design and a MA in Industrial Ceramics and Management.

I have worked in the ceramic industry, as a designer, before changing tack and launching myself as a professional sculptor, working mainly in bronze.
Home is now here in Easterton Sands, where my heart is and the more I see and hear in this area, the more I wish to contribute to its community.  Hence, as I don’t travel as much now, I can dedicate more time to the village and my passion about nature, the environment and renewable energy.

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