Burial Ground

Easterton, Eastcott and Easterton Sands Burial Ground

Easterton Sands burial ground

The Parish of Easterton has its own burial ground situated at Drove Lane. The Burial Ground is a peaceful and attractive rural resting place serving all past and present residents of the Parish of Easterton.

Please note that no part of this Burial Ground is consecrated, however, graves of members of the Church of England can be individually blessed by the officiating minister. Funeral ceremonies can be performed by an accredited Minister or recognised Lay Preacher of a stated church and congregation.

Please find the following documents relating to the Burial Ground

  1. Guidance for the use of the Burial Ground
  2. Burial Ground Charges
  3. Interment Form (for undertakers)

Please contact the Clerk, Sarah-Jane Bullock in the first instance for more details.

Tel: 07437 857501  Email: clerk.easterton.pc@gmail.com