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Wiltshire Councillor Dominic Muns,

Wiltshire Councillor Dominic Muns

Dominic Muns
 I grew up in Marlborough before moving to West Lavington (via Málaga and then Ibiza!) with my family four years ago. I was drawn to our beautiful surroundings and the open countryside; it really is a fantastic place to raise our two children. As well as standing as the elected Unitary Councillor for The Lavingtons I am also Portfolio Holder for Education and Chairman of Lavington Pre-School.
For me, the issues of education, planning and roads are key to the happy enjoyment of our villages, however, I am also keen to support the fight against rural crime, the protection of our beautiful countryside and our local businesses, particularly given the impact of Covid-19. We need to stand together to protect the villages we call home and that is what drove me towards local politics.
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Chris Saunders, Chairman

Chris Saunders


I joined the Parish Council, in 2005, having moved into Kings Road in 1993. After 33+ years in branch banking, I took early retirement in 1995, soon to become treasurer of Easterton Village Hall. I have little interest in politics, but I am keenly interested in how Local Government can work for the benefit of the community and how positively the village community develops in character whilst retaining the ‘small village’ status.

Chair of the Parish Council, I am also involved with the Flood Working Group monitoring flood protection.  As with all Councillors, I am always available to listen to concerns of residents.

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Ben Myerscough, Vice-Chairman

Ben Myerscough



Having been born and brought up in Devizes, I moved to Easterton with my wife in 2011 having built our own home in Oak Lane. I work locally as a rural practice chartered surveyor and specialise in rural estate management and the valuation of various property types.

I was invited to join the Parish Council shortly after moving to the village in 2012 and in 2013 I was appointed as Vice Chairman. Some of my fondest and most noticeable achievements during my time on the Parish Council include obtaining lottery funding and managing the upgrade of the village play area and the introduction of the village defibrillator.  I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Parish Council and I am proud to play a small part in serving the community.

I can often be seen, walking, running or cycling through the village and surrounding countryside with my wife, Lorna and our children Enid and Thomas, so please feel free to stop us for a chat.

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Judy Boyt, Councillor

Judy Boyt


I have lived in Easterton Sands for over 28 years now and can’t think of a better place to be ensconced.  I am a professional sculptor and have had major commissions with corporate and private clients, both abroad and here in UK.  Born on my parents’ farm in Pembrokeshire, I went to school in Oxford and gained a BA Hons. in Ceramics and 3D Design and a MA in Industrial Ceramics and Management.

I have worked in the ceramic industry, as a designer, before changing tack and launching myself as a professional sculptor, working mainly in bronze.
Home is now here in Easterton Sands, where my heart is and the more I see and hear in this area, the more I wish to contribute to its community.  Hence, as I don’t travel as much now, I can dedicate more time to the village and my passion about nature, the environment and renewable energy.

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Richard Brooks, Councillor

Richard Brooks


Having lived in Easterton for over 15 years, benefiting from the community and its surrounds, I was very happy to be co-opted on to the Parish Council in May 2020, when a vacancy arose. As elections are unable to happen until next March at the earliest, I was keen to support the Parish Council in these difficult times, until the full election process can be resumed. I am proud to be able to assist our local community in this manner.

I am a Civil Servant, employed in rural estate and environmental land management and hope that this can add value to the Parish Council and the local environment. I, like the rest of the Councillors, am open to approach on any issues in which the community would like the Parish Council to engage.

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Anthony Snook, Councillor

Anthony Snook


Having had the privilege to live in Easterton since 1973, I wanted to give back something to the village I love, so when an opportunity arose to join the Parish Council in May 2019, I jumped at the chance. My roles are to look after the salt bins, help to keep the footpaths, bridlepaths and other rights of way as they should. I help with keeping parishioners in touch with the Parish Council by assisting with the boomCast communication system. I am very approachable and welcome helping anyone who needs help settling into this wonderful village.

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Andy Colley,

Andy Colley

I’ve lived in Eastcott since 2014 having moved here soon after starting work at Wadworth.

You’ll see me and Harley walking around the village paths & by-ways most days. I joined the Parish Council to bring Full Fibre to our community. As more of our world moves online I don’t believe us, our children or grandchildren should be left behind simply because we are in the 5% of the UK not covered by the National Rollout.

I look forward to supporting the Parish Council and the delivery of Full Fibre to our community.

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Sarah-Jane Bullock, Clerk

Sarah-Jane Bullock


I live in All Cannings, where I have lived for a couple of decades with my husband and a Jack Russell. Our son is at university studying agriculture.  I enjoy walks in the countryside, photographing along the way.

I have been a professional photographer all my life, initially as a press photographer in Africa and since returning to the United Kingdom twenty-two years ago, as a freelance photographer. The past three years I have worked also as Clerk to All Cannings Parish Council.

I am a qualified clerk and aim to bring my enthusiasm for all things rural and local to assist your able Easterton Councillors.

Postal Address for the Clerk: 12 Chandlers Close, All Cannings, Devizes, SN10 3PH

Tel: 07437 857501
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