High Street Traffic Survey Results

Traffic Survey Results High Street; results have been received regarding the traffic survey carried out for the High Street 2nd November 2020 .

The results show that the speeds recorded warrant consideration for Community Speed Watch to be set up. 

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 all Speed Watch activity is on hold and so we cannot find out where the monitoring points will be.  Once known and training available we will be calling for volunteers to be trained to use the speed monitoring “guns” and work out rotas etc.  Once we have an active Speed Watch this ensures Police periodic enforcement and issuing of warning letters to speeders and subsequent fines.  Please watch the website for more news.  

Attached here are the traffic survey results:

026-025 B3098 High Street, Easterton (North) SUMMARY

026-024 B3098 High Street, Easterton (South) SUMMARY

Community Speed Watch Criteria for intervention