Maintaining our Rights of Way!

Maintaining our Rights of Way
Parishioners are reminded as Landowners that it is YOUR responsibility to manage excessive vegetation and growth
that may encroach and hinder a Public Right of Way.
So landowners please review your hedges,brambles, tree growth regularly please.
Wiltshire Council are responsible for managing the surface of the right of way so any problems with potholes, blockages or problems with gates/stiles can be reported via the My Wilts App online reporting
In Addition Easterton Parish Council undertake some additional maintenance works via the Parish Gardener for well used routes along our open countryside and our own amenities.
Below are before and after pictures showing recent work on EAST 1 for bramble removal.
 Before work undertake                        Brambles cut for good access
Any issues for the Parish Gardener can also be reported to the Parish Council to Cllr Anthony Snook at  or via the Clerk