Public & Emergency Services

Parish Council

Chairman – Chris Saunders

Tel: 01380 812317

Clerk – Sarah-Jane Bullock


Village Hall

Chairman – Moira Armstrong

Tel: 01380 818094

Hiring – David Green

Tel: 01380 812527

Wiltshire Council

Devizes Office; Sheep Street, Devizes. SN10 1DL
Tel: 0300 4560100

All EMERGENCY SERVICES (Fire, Police, Ambulance)

Emergency Only: Tel: 999

Non- Emergency Medical: 111

Wiltshire Police

Emergency Only: Tel: 999 Non-emergency Tel: 101


Parish Flood Warden – Bob Bulson
Tel: 01380 813628


MILITARY Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) Firing times

Dog Waste Bins

Please clean up after your Dog, there are plenty of bins available  across the Parish to dispose of bagged dog waste so there is NO EXCUSE to leave the bags/or dog waste on the ground.

Bins can be found in the following locations:

Dog Waste Bin Map


Open: Tues: 14:00 – 19:00 pm & Fri: 10:00 – 17:00pm
Market Lavington Library
High Street
SN10 4AG
Tel: 01380 818358

Market Lavington Museum 


Social Services

For all enquiries for both adult, children and the young contact Wiltshire Council Social Services
Tel: 0300 456 0111

Recycling Centres and Collections

Recycling Centres Devizes and Melksham
See the Wiltshire Council website