boomCast is a secure cloud-based database and multi-channel two-way communications platform, run by a UK company with full iso27001 certification and Cyber Essentials accreditation, thereby complying with the latest data protection laws (GDPR compliant).

The gathered contact details, for those in the community who wish to opt-in to the facility, are held securely on the system.  Similarly, residents can opt-out of the system at any time.  The Parish Council has the ability to sort and group contacts as by street, emergency volunteers or community groups etc.  There are three members of the Council who are trained administrators and can send out broadcasts over the various communications channels attaching documents as required.  Parishioners can reply at any time to the outgoing boomCast emails, these are read only by the administrators on the system.

If you live in Easterton Parish and wish to be part of the boomCast communication system please download the application form below and complete the details as requested.

Please save the attached form below and then complete and re-save and email back to Anthony Snook